About Us

Hello we are the Margareed family! Our family consists of “Ace” (6), “Puck” (17), “Ruba” (36), and “Nitro”(37). Nitro and Ruba got married in summer of 2015 and also had Ace in summer of 2015, the wedding was planned but Ace was a nice surprise. We live in the DC Metro area, have a wicked sense of humor, and have 2 crazy cats!

“Ruba” is a 36 year old mom of one plus some because her youngest brother lives with her and we have the hangout house of the neighborhood. If her mom style had a formal description it would be a cross of hot mess, faking till you make it, and create a childhood that her child will enjoy. She loves cold brew coffee, traveling, writing and spending too much time on Amazon. When she’s not being the responsible person in the room she can usually be found laughing to the point of tears while watching stand-up comedy.

“Nitro” is a 37 year old dad of Ace and Ruba’s bonus son. He loves mopeds (really anything with an engine that you can ride), being an auto technician, spending time with his family and grilling/smoking. When he is not working he can usually be found in his man cave fixing/tinkering on anything that burns fuel. He is also navigating life with ADHD and is sober as of April of 2019.

“Puck” is a 17 year old boy, Ruba’s youngest brother and a lover of all things ice hockey. Puck is also a very talented artist and navigates life with ADHD and dyslexia.

“Ace” is Ruba and Nitro’s 6 year old son who loves tennis, math, science and traveling. He also navigates life with ADHD.