Trip Planning to Aruba 2022

Let me be the first to admit how stupid I was in my younger years. My mom was born and raised in Aruba and I had the option of visiting Aruba many times growing up. I rarely took advantage of the opportunities outside of the “forced” trips to visit family. As an adult I view our trips to Aruba differently because I want Ace to understand be proud of his heritage and spend time with family.

Our family has been to Aruba multiple times so this is a different type of planning because we aren’t planning from scratch. There are some repeat activities we want to incorporate and some “new to Ace and Puck” activities that they find interesting. We will be staying for 15 so I started by asking each family member for 3-7 activities they want to do in Aruba. Here are their wish lists for activities:

* Bushiri Go-Karts
* Jolly Pirates Sunset Cruise
* DePalm Island
* Fishing Charter
* Beach Days

* Bushiri Go-Karts
* Jolly Pirates Day Cruise
* DePalm Island
* Beach Days
* Excursion to see the caves, natural pool, gold mine ruins, natural bridge, and Casibari Rock Formation

* Butterfly Garden
* Donkey Sanctuary
* Beach Days
* DePalm Island
* Hooiberg and the Aruba Waterpark
* Submarine Excursion
* Mini-Sub Excursion

* Jolly Pirates Sunset Sail
* DePalm Island
* Island Excursion Tour
* Museum of Industry
* San Nicolas Murals
* Places From My Mom’s Childhood
* Aruba Comedy Club

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