Our First Day in Aruba!

I (Ruba) am an over planner so our travel day started out as a nightmare to me. My alarm did not go off and we woke up 33 minutes late!

Thankfully, the over planner in me had used the night before to pack the SUV, set out clothes, pack carry-on bags, and have a morning plan. We made it to our airport shuttle screeching tires, but we made it! Our flight on Southwest was amazing because it’s Southwest and they’re always amazing! Unfortunately upon landing we were all exhausted, starving and desperate to find food. In addition to this I had a terrible migraine.

We picked up a van from SmartRent which is located just a few blocks away from the airport. They met us right outside arrivals and drove us back to their location. The rental process was super easy. They rent every class of vehicle so if you’re in need of a rental vehicle in Aruba we highly recommend them. If you need to book their website is www.smart-rent-a-car.com and their What’sApp numbers are (+297) 562-2220 or (+297) 594-5560. Rates are reasonable and they’re locally owned and operated.

Lunch was unplanned but a wonderful find just down the street from the airport. In fact, the employees at SmartRent suggested it. It’s a hidden place in a gas station but the employees said it was delicious authentic Aruban food so we were happy to try it. I did not get any pictures but portions were huge and prices were reasonable. They have a few different options each day and are very well priced. We fed our family for $9 plus the cost of a few bottles of Gatorade. If you’ve just landed and want to grab take out to take to your hotel/AirBnB/resort/etc. this place is great! It’s in the gas station right down the street from the airport and it’s called Wayaca Take Away their address is Sebana Blanco #69 and the phone number is 566-9861. They’re also on Facebook under the name Wayaca Take Away and you should try them out!

We kept dinner easy and casual because we were exhausted from our travel day. We went for a tried and true classic for our family, Zeerover in Savaneta. Their menu is basic and it’s not for everyone but we love it. They have fresh caught fish, shrimp, pan bati, onions in vinegar, fries, plantain, tartar sauce (the BEST tartar sauce ever), and a separate area to get drinks. The food is freshly fried and brought to your table. The location is wonderful, you eat on a lovely pier with a beautiful view. If you’re into smaller places with basic but good food then you should try it out!

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