Fishing Charter in Aruba

Piston has had a fishing charter on his bucket list for years and we decided to check that off his list. We booked easily with a charter called Sunrise Charters N.V. We did a 4 hour morning charter which included bait, lures, fishing poles, sodas/water, fishing licenses, and crew. The captain took us out of Hadicurari Pier on his beautiful boat and his crew ran 6 lines to fish for Wahoo, Tuna, Barracuda, and really anything that would bite.

The crew worked hard for us and unfortunately we learned a few lessons.
1. Ruba now gets seasick in large waves.
2. It’s called fishing not catching so be prepared for disappointment.

At the end of the day we reeled in a tuna and another type of fish which the crew cleaned and cut for us. The group fishing nearby had pulled in a LARGE Wahoo but we were not that lucky. The captain and crew worked hard for us and we would do it again in a heartbeat. It was also very affordable with the split price and tip.

If you’re interested in booking their services they can be reached at

Food choices were not that creative today. We made eggs and toast at the house for breakfast and had Wendy’s for lunch. I know it sounds lame but the Wendy’s menu in Aruba is different than in the USA. Also, not every meal needs to be gourmet sometimes quick and easy is best! Dinner was also a quick takeaway at a place called Ritz Aruba. It’s a nice quick place with a little bit of everything we ordered steak kapsalon, wings, and croquettes. We ended the day with some time at Mangel Halto beach.

Our catch of the day!

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