Places to Eat in San Nicolas, Aruba

San Nicolas is the second largest city in Aruba. It has beautiful art murals, historic buildings, the Aruba Museum of Industry and some amazing places to eat. Each of the places mentioned in this post has delicious food, wonderful service and was reasonably priced (we stick to a tight budget when we travel). If you get the chance to visit San Nicolas we highly recommend trying some of our favorite restaurants.

Grote Berg Snack
Located at Grote Bergweg 17 in San Nicolas this is a hidden gem! When my grandmother passed away I was so upset and one of the reasons was I realized I would never get a Johnny Cake that tasted like grandma’s ever again. This restaurant’s food tastes like it came out of my grandmother’s kitchen. Try their Johnny Cakes if you get a chance to go but everything is delicious. The menu changes daily and they post their menu on their Facebook page.

Located at Bernhardstraat #51 in San Nicolas this place is a small spot that serves Indo/Chinese food. If you are from the USA the restaurant menu might look like a typical take out Chinese restaurant but I promise the food is so much better than anything you would expect. We ordered some of the most popular dishes on the menu and split them. The portions were large for the price and we had leftovers for lunch the next day. I was told when I mentioned that we had eaten here that we were officially considered locals in Aruba!

O’Niel Caribbean Kitchen
Located at Bernard van de Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 15 in San Nicolas this restaurant is owned by Chef O’Niel who has complied a delicious menu of Jamaican food. We went as a family but there were plenty of people here on date nights. This restaurant has huge portions and we all ordered something different and shared it so we could try a little of everything on the menu. Our server was so sweet and recommended some of the most popular items to us. This restaurant also has special menus for most of the holidays which include multiple courses at a reasonable price.

Kulture Cafe
Located at The Nicolaas Store in San Nicolas we had breakfast at this cafe a few times. They also have lunch items such as sandwiches, salads, and wraps but we unfortunately never had lunch at the cafe. In addition to breakfast and lunch they also have ice cream, other desserts, coffee, and milkshakes. They have some outdoor seating which gives you beautiful views of some of the murals in San Nicolas. This spot is perfect to get breakfast or lunch before walking around and enjoying the city.

Joy’s Restaurant
Located at Caya Captain Roger #17 in San Nicolas this is a clean buffet style restaurant. You do NOT serve yourself at the buffet you let them know what you want and the food is sold by weight. Their menu changes from day to day which is nice because if you go a few times, you can try different foods. We got a little bit of everything and shared it. This place is very affordable and a great place to eat.

Kamini’s Kitchen
Located at St. Christoffelbergweg in San Nicholas with an open and breezy dining room this restaurant is wonderful. The staff was so friendly, when we came by the restaurant was full but they gave us drinks and water while we waited. They also took our orders while we were waiting so when we sat down we did not have to wait long for food. The owner Kamini is one of the nicest ladies ever and her menu features very flavorful dishes.

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