DePalm Island Review

Welcome to DePalm Island!

One question we get and see a lot is, “do you think DePalm Island is worth it?” Well here is our opinion…YES! Keep in mind we are a family with kids and budget conscious with everything we do!

Booking tickets was easy on their website and there was even a coupon. We did the walk-in price because we had a rental car.

Ace loves DePalm Island and he looks forward to visiting every year when we’re in Aruba.

We arrived at the ticket window and were greeted by the most friendly and wonderful employees who gave us our wrist bands. A short boat ride got to DePalm Island!

The price of your ticket includes snorkeling, their private beach, the banana boat, the water park, the slides, a buffet lunch, all you can drink both alcoholic & non, a snack station with burgers, fries, hot dogs and chicken nuggets. There are many add on options such as private cabanas, SNUBA, massage, henna tattoos, a smoothie stand (they’re delicious), and there is a gift shop to purchase things.

A packed day of fun where kids can entertain themselves, get whatever they need, and are having fun is well worth the price of the ticket. As a parent I (Ruba) was impressed with the professional staff and their training and knowledge of safety and first aid. I loved that I could relax and have a few cocktails while our kids enjoyed themselves. Piston enjoyed some virgin cocktails and had fun running around with the boys.

We did not get a private cabana and did not feel like one was needed to enjoy our day. Prior to booking we did check to make sure there were no cruise ships in port. Ship passengers doing excursions can make DePalm Island very busy.

If you have kids or you’re young at heart and want to have a fun and relaxing day we DEFINITELY think DePalm Island is worth it!

The DePalm Island Water Park area
DePalm Island Bar Menu
DePalm Island Flamingos

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