Beach House Meals

Every year the Margareed family (and extended family) does a HUGE trip to OBX. We have been doing this trip for a little over a decade and love the memories and time with extended family. As you all know, I am frugal so we only eat out a few times each week which saves us a lot of money. I […]

Tips for Planning a Large Family OBX Trip

As a family we are lucky to have great relationships with our extended family. This allows us to take an annual family trip to OBX, NC. People are often surprised that we can take almost the same group each year and still enjoy it. I (Ruba) am the master planner of this trip each year so here are my tips: […]

Places to Eat in San Nicolas, Aruba

San Nicolas is the second largest city in Aruba. It has beautiful art murals, historic buildings, the Aruba Museum of Industry and some amazing places to eat. Each of the places mentioned in this post has delicious food, wonderful service and was reasonably priced (we stick to a tight budget when we travel). If you get the chance to visit […]

DePalm Island Review

One question we get and see a lot is, “do you think DePalm Island is worth it?” Well here is our opinion…YES! Keep in mind we are a family with kids and budget conscious with everything we do! Booking tickets was easy on their website and there was even a coupon. We did the walk-in price because we had a […]

“The Aruba Vacation Water Park”

On our trip, we went to a water park near Hooiberg with some friends. We had seen this park multiple times and never been on all of our trips so we made sure to do it this trip. It was $20 USD per tourist and 20,00 or 25,00 florins for locals with their ID. They were open from 10am-5pm and […]

Fishing Charter in Aruba

Piston has had a fishing charter on his bucket list for years and we decided to check that off his list. We booked easily with a charter called Sunrise Charters N.V. We did a 4 hour morning charter which included bait, lures, fishing poles, sodas/water, fishing licenses, and crew. The captain took us out of Hadicurari Pier on his beautiful […]

Aruba Restaurants For Us

Just like activities we also plan eating out in Aruba. Our family sticks to a tight budget so we try to head to Ling & Sons or Superfoods to get groceries and cook occasionally. Here are the restaurant requests for each family member: Nitro:– El Gaucho – Chicken and Lobster – Flying Fishbone – Zeerovers – Bugaloe – Grote Berg […]

Start Here/First Post

Welcome to the Margareed Family Blog! I go by the nickname Ruba and felt the need to start a blog for families like mine. We are the Margareeds and go by “Nitro”, “Ruba”, “Puck” and “Ace”. I (Ruba) decided to start a family blog because I was not seeing a lot of blogs for families like ours. We are parents […]