“The Aruba Vacation Water Park”

On our trip, we went to a water park near Hooiberg with some friends. We had seen this park multiple times and never been on all of our trips so we made sure to do it this trip. It was $20 USD per tourist and 20,00 or 25,00 florins for locals with their ID. They were open from 10am-5pm and usually only on the weekends.

A lot of people had questions on how to get to it. If you use a map program to get to Hooiberg you just continue on past the parking area and you will see the park.

The park had a gold miner theme, 11 water slides (not all are pictured), a water fort, and what looked like a lazy river/waterfall pool. Ace loved going with a friend but he made friends with a lot of the kids at the park. I have a picture of their food menu below with prices (all in Florins) and they were pretty reasonably priced.

This was a great deal for a fun water park! The kids in our group really enjoyed it and so did the adults.

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